A Guide to Budgets

The costs will depend entirely on your requirements and needs which will form the basis for the brief (See design process) and also what already exists in the space.

Hard landscaping such as walls, ponds, and patios are a lot more expensive per m2 than lawns and gravel.

A large lawn and small patio will be a fraction of the cost of a large patio terrace and a small lawn, within a similar sized space.

A sloping garden may need retaining structures (walls) to create level areas; this will require a higher budget than say a level garden of a similar size, although a level garden may require structures to create vertical interest or define space through level changes.

Below is a guide to design fees.

Small urban estate size garden £2000 - £5000 | Design Fee - £400

Average 3 bed family home £8000 - £12000 | Design Fee - £500

4 bed home or barn conversion larger garden £12000 - £25000 | Design Fee - £600

Large garden up to half an acre £20,000 - £45,000 | Design Fee - £800

Over half an acre £25,000 - £75000 | Design Fee - £800+

All guides plus vat.

Free initial consultation.

Design fees are charged at £25ph plus vat

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